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The Drilling Tool Is Sturdy And Durable

Jul 19, 2017

In the 60 's, with the development of battery manufacturing technology, a battery-type drilling tool without power cord with Ni-CD battery was developed. But it was a slow development because of the high price. By the middle of the 70, due to lower battery prices, charging time is also shortened, the drilling tool in Europe and the United States, Japan has been widely used. The drilling tool was originally made of cast iron and then used as an aluminum alloy shell. In the 60 's, thermoplastic engineering plastics were used in drilling tools, Drilling Tool and the double insulation of drilling tools was realized, which ensured the safety of drilling tools. As a result of the development of electronic technology, the 60 's also appeared the Electronic speed drilling tool. This kind of drilling tool makes use of the thyristor and other components to form an electronic circuit, Drilling Tool the switch button is pushed into the depth of different to adjust the speed, so that drilling tools in use can be processed according to the different objects (such as material different, drilling diameter size, etc.), the choice of different rotational speed.

1 The purchase of drilling tools should be noted

First, the drilling tool is a hand-held or removable mechanized drilling tool, powered by an electric motor or electromagnet, which drives the working head through a driving mechanism.

2 According to the need to distinguish between home use or professional, Drilling Tool most drilling tools are designed for professionals, in the purchase should distinguish between professional and general household drilling tools. Usually professional and general household drilling tools difference in power, professional drilling tools with greater power, to facilitate professionals to reduce workload, the general household drilling tools because of the small work, the workload is relatively small, so the drilling tool input power does not need to be very large.

3 The external packaging of drilling tools should be of clear design, no breakage, Drilling Tool strong plastic box, open plastic box buckle should be sturdy and durable.

4 Drilling Tool nameplate parameters should be consistent with the CCC certificate. The detailed address and contact details of the manufacturer and factory should be provided on the instructions. The nameplate or the certificate of competency shall be numbered in batches traceable to the product.

5 with the hand-held drilling tools, power supply, frequent switching, so that drilling tools frequently start, to observe the drilling tool switch On-off function is reliable. Drilling Tool At the same time to observe the scene of television, fluorescent lamps are abnormal phenomenon. To confirm that the drilling tool is fitted with an effective radio interference suppressor.

6 Drilling tools run for one minutes. The operation with holding hands, the hand should not feel any abnormal vibration, observe the spark, its reversing spark should not exceed 3/2, generally from the drilling tool into the air to look at the commutator surface should be no obvious arc. When running, Drilling Tool should not be normal noise.