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Slitting Circular Blade Bows On The Needed Technological Improvements-blade

Feb 16, 2017

I. of slitting circular blade dynamic balance, to improve the safety of the blade has a lot of help, for circular blade unbalance will have an additional radial load on the spindle, and its size is proportional to the square of the speed.

Two. round blade of clip tight way, round blade of clip tight method not allows used General of friction clip tight, to with with center hole of blade, screws clip tight way, or with special design of round blade structure to avoid blade dumped fly, knife seat, blade of clip tight force direction best and centrifugal force direction common, with to control good screws of pre tight force, avoid screws for overload and ahead of damaged, for small diameter of with handle milling knife, can used hydraulic clip head or thermal expansion and contraction clip head completed clip tight of high precision and high stiffness.

III. slitter blades blades of titanium alloy materials, can effectively reduce blade breakage and increase its speed. but due to titanium to cut very cold, so not suitable for manufacturing body, so some high speed milling had begun to manufacture of high strength aluminum alloy body.

IV. slitting circular blade structure, and reduced concentration should be avoided, trough will cause stress on the blade blade strength and thus should be avoided through Groove and Groove with sharp corners.