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Processing Technology Of Non - Standard Cemented Carbide

Jul 31, 2017

Non-standard Cemented Carbide is a commonly used alloy material in mechanical processing, its biggest feature is a high hardness and wear resistance. From the standpoint, the non-standard cemented carbide is a powder containing one or more refractory carbides such as tungsten carbide and titanium carbide as a main component, and a metal powder such as cobalt, nickel or the like as a binder is added, Carbide Non-standard Products Made of powder metallurgy made of alloy material. Non-standard cemented carbide is usually used in the manufacture of cutting tools, cold molds and high wear parts.

What are the characteristics of non-standard cemented carbide?

First, non-standard cemented carbide has a very high hardness and wear resistance. At room temperature, its hardness can reach 69 to 81HRC, wear performance is also quite good. Therefore, the material cutting speed of the tool can be 4 to 7 times faster than the high-speed steel tool, Carbide Non-standard Products the service life is not less than the latter, but 5 to 80 times longer than the high-speed steel tool, can be used for cutting hardness of 50HRC High hardness material.

Second, non-standard cemented carbide also has a high strength and elastic modulus. Its compressive strength reaches 6000MPa, the elastic modulus can reach 735MPa, Carbide Non-standard Products fold two indicators are higher than the high-speed steel material. However, non-standard hard alloy bending strength is low, only 1000 to 3000MPa.

Third, non-standard hard alloy has good corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and high temperature resistance. Non-standard carbide production of the tool, usually able to resist the atmosphere, acid, alkali and other corrosion caused by, not prone to oxidation, but also in the 900 to 1000 degrees high temperature to keep hard.

Fourth, the linear expansion coefficient of the non-standard cemented carbide is very small, which results in its processing, can have a stable shape and size.

Fifth, the use of non-standard carbide processing products, Carbide Non-standard Products usually can not be processed and re-grinding. This is because the hard and gold brittle higher, re-grinding easily lead to fragmentation, it can only use EDM, wire cutting, electrolytic grinding and other electrical processing or special grinding wheel.

Commonly used non - standard cemented carbide materials

Commonly used non-standard cemented carbide materials are tungsten and cobalt, tungsten and titanium cobalt tungsten and tungsten. Tungsten cobalt non-standard carbide is the main component of tungsten carbide and cobalt, the different grades are marked with YG plus cobalt content of the percentage ratio to express. Carbide Non-standard Products The main components of tungsten and titanium cobalt nonmetallic cement are tungsten carbide, titanium carbide and cobalt. Grade is the percentage of YT plus titanium carbide content. Tungsten tantalum-based non-standard carbide is also known as universal non-standard carbide or universal non-standard cemented carbide, its main components are tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, tantalum carbide, niobium carbide, cobalt The grade is expressed by the YW plus order.

Application of non - standard Cemented Carbide

The most widely used field of non-standard cemented carbide is the material used as a cutting tool. Non-standard carbide materials can be used to make a variety of different types of knives, milling cutters, planers, drill bits, etc., for different types of processing technology and workpiece materials. Among them, Carbide Non-standard Products tungsten cobalt non-standard carbide for ferrous metals and color metal short chip processing and non-metallic materials processing; tungsten titanium cobalt non-standard cement is more suitable for steel and other ferrous metal long chip processing. In the same alloy, if the cobalt with too much, it is more suitable for rough processing; cobalt content is too small, more suitable for finishing.

Non-standard carbide is also used for the production of cold drawn die, cold die, cold extrusion die, cold pier mold and other cold mold. The non-standard cemented carbide mold is better able to withstand the impact, and has better impact toughness, fracture toughness, fatigue strength, Carbide Non-standard Products bending strength and wear resistance. Usually, the mold used in the non-standard carbide used in the selection of high cobalt and medium and coarse grain grades, such as YG15C and so on.

In addition, non-standard hard alloy is also commonly used in the manufacture of measuring tools and wear parts, especially in the wear and tear of the measuring surface mosaic and parts, grinding machine precision bearings, centerless grinding machine guide and guide rod, lathe and other wear parts.