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Paper Cutter Blade Bows On The Maintenance-blade

Feb 16, 2017

Blade sharpening

Mechanical blade cutting performance to a great extent depends on the grinding quality and sharpening quality depends on the grinding equipment and proper sharpening. Sharpening equipment, recommend the use of vertical spindle mould grinder, blade angles guarantee. White corundum grinding wheels recommended (codename WA), sharpening is not easy to heat, while coolant must be used when sharpening a continuous pour into blade and grinding wheel contact surface, no overheating of the cutting edge color. 1th are recommended metal emulsion. The grinding process the best rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing, rough and fine grinding on the grinder, finishing need sharpening by hand.

Finishing steps are:

1. considers that the blade is ground (no spark), and do not have to feed, make several trips back and forth on their own grinder, trip depends on the length of the blade, fewer short trips.

2. Remove blade from the knife sharpener whetstone manual repair research available to the sharp cutting edge. Its practice is to use oil-soaked stone gently remove the blade by tiny Burr grinder, whetstone clinging to his spin move on the rake face of stone to the blade length.

3. use the same method to move the stone to the full length blade grinding flank, but Shi Lve oil pour point, to not more than 1 ° is appropriate as described above after grinding, an ideal blade is finished.

Wedge angle is also called cutting edge angle, it is directly affects the cutting performance of the main point, the size of the angle as the cut and be.

Paper cutting machine is printing the necessary equipment, and widely used in the printing and publishing industry, paper industry, packaging industry, decoration and other industries, is widely used. Its most basic function and use is trimmed. Cut the final implementation of components is the blade. Blades on the one hand and the use of reasonable directly affect crop quality and unreasonable grinding angle and use can seriously damage the Cutter's precision and longevity. Maintenance and sharpening blades are cutting paper machine application and maintenance of the first step.