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Ink Blade Bows On The Specific Installation Methods-blades

Feb 16, 2017

Get ready

1, open when pulling out of the box with scraping knife, knife case knife scratches, check the cleaning scraper.

2, test ink squeegee pressure: the pressure can be controlled and measured. Sustainability of the actual pressure is not the same. Requirements minimize stress, thereby reducing wear.

Loaded knife

1, ink scrapers must be clamped in a standards holder, lining between the tool holder and knife should be clean, no residual ink lump to ensure verticality of after the blade clamp.

2, open the cutting edge side must face up. Installation angle of 55~65. Ink blade position, distance between the roller and the roller to the right, adjust for optimal distance, between the versions, with different drying speed, roll size and distance requirements. Adjusted for the best fit between the distance to balance the printing and drying rate.