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High Efficiency Of Cemented Carbide Bit

Sep 01, 2017

You may have heard of the twist drill, which is a tool similar to the cemented carbide drill, which is more practical, can be used to drill hard material, even a piece of cast iron, carbide drill bit can be drilled, it is not used in life is a good product.

Carbide drills are also of a different type, and the various models are suitable for different material drills. For example, loose plasticity of rock material is more suitable for the use of spiral rib drill bit, and homogeneous marble, limestone, shale materials will use square-shaped bit! The selection of cemented carbide drills is also varied, which requires us to choose according to the actual situation. Choosing the right carbide drill can greatly improve the working efficiency and even reduce the cost. In fact, cemented carbide drills are divided into four basic types, Ultra Coarse Carbide Drilling Insert monolithic cemented carbide bits, cemented carbide indexable inserts, welded carbide drills and indexable carbide-tipped bits. These four types of cemented carbide bits have their own scope of use, cemented carbide indexable inserts are more commonly used in machine tools or lathe processing. However, the life cycle of course is not the same, relatively durable is the replacement of cemented carbide crown drill.

Cemented carbide drills are generally considered to be a drill bit for core drilling. In simple terms, the cemented carbide bit is broken by the impact load of the drilling press process and the rotation of the rock during the work of the core drilling. Ultra Coarse Carbide Drilling Insert In the whole drilling process, the drill bit will often be subjected to high frequency impact load, but also by torsion, bending, stretching, compression and other composite stress, Ultra Coarse Carbide Drilling Insert in the high-speed rotary collision environment under the rock, rock powder and mineral water and other working medium wear and corrosion.

Characteristics and uses of cemented carbide drills:

1, can be suitable for more complex material drilling, Ultra Coarse Carbide Drilling Insert the choice of higher cutting speed.

2, selected alloy bit special high-performance alloy blade, effectively reduce the collapse knife, maintain good wear resistance.

3, multi-layer geometric cutting edge, improve excretion performance, maintain a small cutting resistance.

4, in addition to the common right angle handle outside, Ultra Coarse Carbide Drilling Insert with a variety of handle type, suitable for a variety of drilling rig, drilling machine with.

The advantages of cemented carbide bit can drill the hard material, the disadvantage is to wear well, grinding is not easy to collapse blade, the two main cutting edge height, angle is equivalent, Ultra Coarse Carbide Drilling Insert it is best to use grinding bit machine.