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Cemented Carbide Plates With Strength And Toughness

Jun 23, 2017

Cemented carbide plate has good impact resistance and good toughness.

The definition of cemented carbide plate

Cemented carbide plate also known as cemented carbide plate, cemented carbide sheet. Cemented Carbide is one of many materials, because its shape is rectangular plate (or square) and the name.

Cemented carbide plate is mainly composed of metal WC tungsten carbide powder and Co Co mixed with metallurgical method through milling, ball mill, compacting, Carbide Board low pressure sintering, product body compactness is good, no holes no sand hole, size precision high (blank tolerance control in Bing 2.2.2, fine billet control in ± 0.01), less processing allowance, can effectively improve your production efficiency, greatly reduce processing costs.

Commonly used metal carbide is tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, Carbide Board niobium carbide and vanadium carbide, can make cemented carbide with high hardness and high wear resistance. Cemented carbide binder is mainly metal cobalt or nickel metal, can ensure that cemented carbide has a certain strength and toughness.

The main alloy components of cemented carbide plate are WC and co, and the content of WC and Co in cemented carbide plate with different uses is not consistent and the use range is very wide.

II. Production process

Flour milling → According to the requirements of the formula → by wet grinding → mixing → crushing → drying → sieving → after adding molding agent → again dry → Sieve after the preparation of mixed materials → granulation → pressure → molding → sintering → molding (rough) → inspection → packaging → storage.

Third, cemented carbide plate quality properties

Cemented carbide plate has excellent red rigidity, high hardness, good abrasion resistance, high elastic modulus, high compressive strength, good chemical stability (acid, alkali, high-temperature oxidation), low impact toughness, low expansion coefficient, heat conduction, Carbide Board conductivity and iron and its alloy similar characteristics.

IV. Physical characteristics of cemented carbide plates

Cemented carbide plate specifications are more, commonly used 100 X 100, 125 X 125x, or 150 X 100 around. In accordance with the specific requirements of the customer size specifications, cemented carbide plate of the general stock is commonly used specifications.

VI. Application range of cemented carbide plate

The application of cemented carbide plate is mainly divided into three categories:

1, used to make blanking die. Carbide Board To be used in the production of copper, aluminum, stainless steel, cold-rolled plate, ei film, Q195, SPCC, silicon Steel, metal parts, standard parts, top and bottom punching the first-class thin-film high speed stamping die and multi-position progressive die.

2, used for making wear-resisting tool. Carbide Board such as woodworking industry with knives, plastic crushing tools.

3, for the production of high-temperature parts, wear-resistant parts, shielding parts. such as the Machine tool guide, automatic teller machine anti-theft strengthening board.

4, for the production of chemical industry corrosion-resistant parts.

5, for medical equipment, radiation and anti-corrosion materials.

6, different uses of cemented carbide plate material performance is not consistent, use should be specific to select the appropriate material for the use of cemented carbide plate.