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Carbide Round With Good Bending Strength

Aug 22, 2017

Carbide round bar material is generally tungsten cobalt alloy, tungsten cobalt alloy has good toughness and the appropriate wear resistance, so the carbide rod is mainly used for wire, bar processing with the drawing die. But also for cast iron, non-ferrous metals and their alloys and non-metallic materials are not flat surface and intermittent cutting rough car, fine fine grinding machine, the general hole and deep hole drilling, Carbide Round Bar reaming and production of woodworking tools such as carbide Rods with good toughness and wear resistance, carbide rods for wire and pipe drawing parts stamping die, motor stator and rotor, EI steel, LED frame stamping and other processing materials. Carbide round bar is a kind of carbide material, generally need to carry out in-depth processing to produce the required high-precision products, such as carbide inserts, it is by the carbide rod through the fine grinding process Thus becoming a high-precision mold parts, so further carbide ball is a carbide material. Carbide round bar with the following characteristics 1, processed into a mold life extension (high fatigue strength, not easy to produce stress concentration) 2, Carbide Round Bar good life stability (crack generation and expansion time delay) 3, adhesion, bite (The corrosion resistance of the lubricant is extremely slight) 4, wire cutting EDM process greatly improved corrosion resistance (anti-electric processing corrosion ability) 5, the purity of 99.95% or more, Carbide Round Bar impurity content is very small, round bar Physical performance is more stable.

Carbide round bar is one of many hard alloy materials, because of its shape is cylindrical round bar named, with high hardness, good bending strength, corrosion resistance is not rust characteristics. Carbide round bar is mainly used to make high-speed carbide drill, carbide cutter and carbide gong knife, carbide micro-drill, Carbide Round Bar can be used for processing copper and aluminum alloy, PCB, glass fiber reinforced materials, brake materials , Graphite, high temperature alloys, stainless steel, titanium alloy, hardened steel and other materials.

Carbide round bar applicability is very wide, but in the purchase of carbide ball when the selection is very particular about Oh, the purchase or selection of carbide rods should first understand its performance parameters, do not understand its Performance parameters, Carbide Round Bar then no matter how good the carbide ball is also useless, but will cause a waste of material white.

Carbide round bar features

1, the use of low-pressure sintering technology, stable and reliable quality;

2, the use of ultra-pressure automatic pressure extrusion equipment, various models of solid carbide solid grinding bar can be produced: the use of German imports of automatic extrusion equipment, Carbide Round Bar according to different requirements of pressure, is conducive to the production of different types of bar The

 3. Carbide round for high precision grinding, up to mirror effect: the use of CNC grinding machine, with the maximum polishing rate, can quickly remove the damage caused by polishing layer, Carbide Round Bar improve surface finish, up to the mirror effect. Precision bar bar precision: diameter tolerance D ≤ ± 0.01 length tolerance L ≤ ± 0.5.