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Carbide Rods With High Abrasion Resistance

Oct 19, 2017

Carbide rods are a large number of cemented carbide materials, because of its shape is a cylindrical round rod and its name, with high hardness, good bending strength, corrosion-resistant and not rust characteristics. Carbide rods are mainly used to make high speed carbide drill bits, carbide milling cutters and cemented carbide gong knives, carbide micro-drill, can be used for processing copper and aluminum alloy, PCB, Carbide Round Bar glass fiber reinforced materials, braking materials, graphite, high-temperature alloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy, hardened steel and other materials.

The applicability of cemented carbide rods is very wide, but, in the selection of carbide round rods are very exquisite oh.

Cemented carbide round rod has high strength and high hardness, excellent performance, is the overall CNC milling cutter and with hole processing tool preferred high-quality materials, Carbide Round Bar widely used in various production and processing fields. can also be customized in accordance with your specifications specific batch, to meet your carbide round bar use of the demand.

Cemented carbide round rod is a kind of tungsten carbide (WC) as the main raw materials, coupled with other precious metals and paste by the use of powder metallurgy method to suppress sintering of high hardness, high-strength alloy materials, widely used in the field of national production and processing. such as: PCB industry micro-drill, photoelectric communication industry electrode rods, Carbide Round Bar mechanical processing industry tungsten carbide drill, drilling handle, top, push rod, wear-resistant precision parts, is the overall CNC milling cutter and the first choice of high-quality materials with hole processing tools.

The advantages and applications of cemented carbide round rods:

With red hard high, good weldability, high hardness, high wear resistance characteristics, mainly used in the production and processing of solid wood, MDF, gray cast iron, Carbide Round Bar non-ferrous materials, chilled cast iron, hardened steel, PCB, brake materials. Use should be specific to select the appropriate material according to the use of cemented carbide strips.

Production process of cemented carbide round rod

Flour milling → According to the requirements of the formula → by wet grinding → mixing → crushing → drying → sieving → after adding molding agent → again dry → Sieve after the preparation of mixed materials → granulation → pressure → molding → sintering → molding (rough) → inspection → packaging → storage.

Material Performance Characteristics:

Cemented carbide has excellent rigidity, high hardness, good abrasion resistance, high elastic modulus, high compressive strength, good chemical stability (acid, alkali, high temperature oxidation), low impact toughness, low expansion coefficient, heat conduction, Carbide Round Bar conductivity and iron and its alloy similar characteristics.