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Carbide Drill With Good Chip Control Performance

Jun 09, 2017

It is believed that the drilling process must be carried out at a lower feed rate and at a cutting speed, which is correct at the processing conditions using ordinary drill bits. Nowadays, with the advent of carbide bits, the concept of drilling has changed.

In fact, by correctly selecting the right carbide bit, Ultra Coarse Carbide Drilling Insert you can greatly improve the drilling productivity and reduce the cost per hole.

The basic type of carbide bit

Solid carbide drill,

Carbide indexable insert bit,

Welded carbide bit

Replaceable carbide crown.

Carbide drill bits are suitable for use in advanced machining centers


Using fine-grained cemented carbide materials,

To extend the service life, Ultra Coarse Carbide Drilling Insert also carried out coating treatment,

Specially designed geometric blade type to make the drill bit with self-centering function,

In the drilling of most of the workpiece material with good chip control and chip removal performance

Selection of carbide bit considerations:

1. Machining accuracy

2. Processing stability

3. Chip and coolant

4. Processing costs per hole

As a result, drill bits are usually classified according to the nominal diameter of the hole to be machined.

In the above four types of carbide drill, the overall carbide drill processing accuracy of the highest (φ 10mm overall carbide drill tolerance range of 0 ~ 0.03mm), Ultra Coarse Carbide Drilling Insert so it is the best choice for processing high-precision hole ;

Carbide drill bits and replaceable carbide crowns are made of two symmetrical cutting edges that are self-centerable, with a high stability of the cutting edge designed to cut into the workpiece without the need to reduce Feed rate, only when the drill tilt installation and the workpiece surface into a certain angle when the cut, Ultra Coarse Carbide Drilling Insert it is recommended drilling, drilling will be reduced when the feed rate of 30% to 50%.