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Vacuum heat treatment on the shearing machine blade technology-bow blade

Feb 16, 2017

Vacuum heat treatment of shearing machine blade technology has been widely used in shearing machine blade, CNC shearing machine blade production, particularly for high precision cutting blades, vacuum-treated blades can increase the service life of the product up to 30%, while reducing the quality issues that arise due to the high hardness, good blades enhance the quality and efficiency of the product.

In the processing of bulk shear blades, shearing machine blade production already has a repeating consistent high accuracy, making great improvements in the standard of accuracy and performance, improved interchangeability and the use of the life extension and complicated relief tool change frequently due to tooling tolerances, greatly improving the interchangeability of the same specification tool.

The shearing machine blade manufacturers use of vacuum heat treatment method, also applied to the handle of the tool, unique in the quality of products, offers a variety of ways of customization, better customer service, tailored to meet non-standard.