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Ink blade bows on the considerations for use-blade

Feb 16, 2017

Ink blade in and move around to reduce the blade lines, increase blade utilization and reduce wear on the plate has an important role. If ink scrapers are not normal, it will affect the quality of printing products. Ink scrapers work should pay attention to the following.

1. ink blade sharpness

The sharpness of the knife depends on whether a new knife, knife blade angle, using sandpaper (whetstone) models, and so on. For sharpness of the blade should be effectively cleaned ink, does not have a knife. Too sharp scraper is often prone to knife marks and wear plates.

2. pressure

Factors influencing ink blade is the cylinder pressure, hard and soft blades of different ink blade and plates crossing angles, angle, the greater and greater pressure. Too much pressure will reduce the transfer rate of ink, printing plate, blade wear larger; too little pressure are prone to appear dirty or blade line.

3. ink blade contact plate distance

Contact scraper plate reduction helps to improve the transfer rate of the distance, but easy to produce the dirty version and vice versa can effectively solve the dirty version, and avoid some minor wire marks, but will reduce the transfer rate.

4. ink blade flatness

Ink blade flat and warp mainly depends on the installation method, of course, also possible with knife holder or stuck on the blade, lining there was something relevant.

Ink blade flatness is poor, will make the printing surface edges appear water drops traces, or some intermittent line made from time to time. People think badly of rough ink, ink liquidity will have this phenomenon, the sword has actually not smooth this situation can also occur.

5. ink blade movement

Printing when there is a line trace, was hurt, the other is the ink blade sharp. However, there is a reason behind is a foreign body stuck in the blade. Before and after the solution is moved up and down scraping knife, in order to get rid of adhesive material, if you can't get rid of it, you can only wipe down scraping knife.