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Indexable Tungsten Carbide Turning Inserts

Sep 12, 2017

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: CNC Inserts/Cutting Tools

  • Process Usage: Metal-Cutting CNC Machine Tools

  • Control Method: Closed-Loop Control

  • Processing Precision: +-0.02mm

  • Certification: SGS, ISO 9001

  • Place of Origin: Zhuzhou China (Mainland)

  • Name: Tungsten Carbide CNC Turning Cutting Inserts

  • Process Engineer: Adopt Advanced Technology

  • Application: Metal

  • Movement Method: Contour Control

  • Numerical Control: CNC/MNC

  • Performance Classification: High-End CNC Machine Tools

  • Condition: New

  • Type: CNC Inserts/Cutting Tools

  • Performance: Excellent Wear Resistance

  • Specification: According to Your Request, ISO9001 SGS

  • Advantage: Over 20 Years Experience in This Line

Product Description

Tungsten Carbide CNC Inserts
Tungsten carbide inserts have a thin metal blade or disk with a sharp, usually toothed edge. Tungsten Carbide blade is used for cutting wood, metal, or other hard materials. They can be hand-operated or power-driven. Our carbide inserts have used in surface processing of cast irons, colored metal and alloys, as well as nonmetal materials for hard metal, carbide rough turn, rough planning, and precision milling.

Applicable MachineTungsten carbide inserts for turning, milling, threading, grooving tool, cutting tools, etc.
StockFor standard, have enough in stock 
For non-standard, need to be customized 
Nonstandard orderCustomize as request 
Packing:Can laser printing your logo and packing with your label

CVD or PVD coating or as your require 
Suitable for steel , cast iron , stainless steel etc materials

Our Advantages:
1)      Business Type:  Manufacturer, Factory.
ISO9001:2008, SGS.
Focus on Tungsten Carbide industry more than 20 years.
2)      Advanced technology, HIP sintering and precision grinding to ensure the goods performance;
3)      100% Virgin materials;
4)      Each product through the strict inspections and confirm to the requirements of the lab parameters;
5)      OEM & ODM are welcomed;
6)      Small order is acceptable;
7)      Flexible payment terms (L/C,T/T, western union, etc);
8)      Provide custom made service with customer's drawing; Other size could be offered by your requirements;
9)      We make sure to provide you with the best solutions for your individual case. Whether standard items or non-standard items all available;
10)  Fast delivery and high quality;
11)  Best after-sale service.
 Product types of Tungsten carbide CNC Inserts

Tungsten Carbide CNC Inserts Grade Information

Grade Recommendation of Tungsten Carbide Inserts
YBC151High wear resistance of the matrix and MT-TiCN, thick Al2O3 and TiN coating.
YBC152Thick TiCN and Al2O3 coating
YBC251tough matrix of good edge security and MT-TiCN, thick Al2O3 and TiN coating.
YBC252Tough matrix of good edge security and MT-TiCN, thick Al2O3 and TiN coating.
YBC351Tough matrix of good edge security and MT-TiCN, thick Al2O3 and TiN coating.
YBG102nc-TiAN coating and fine-grained matrix.
YBG202nc-TiAN coating and fine-grained matrix.
YBG205Added abrasion resistance and high temperature rare elements ultrafine TiAlN based nano-coating. High layer hardness and excellent resistance to high temperature provide effective protection for the cutting edge.
YBG302nc-TiAN coating and flexible cemented carbide matrix.
YBM151Special organizational structure and TiCN, thin Al2O3 and TiN coating.
YBM251Good toughness and strength matrix and TiCN, thin Al2O3 and TiN coating.
YBM253With the advance extra fine grain nanometer coating technology, match up with the high toughness gradient matrix.
YBD052CVD coating(extra thick Al2O3 & thick TiCN), hard matrix.
YBD102CVD coating (thick Al2O3 & thick TiCN) , hard matrix.
YBD152CVD coating (thick Al2O3 & thick TiCN), hard matrix, it is anti-stripping.
YBD252CVD coating (middle thick Al2O3 & thick TiCN), hard matrix.
YNG151Uniform particle refining organizational ceramal alloy, homogenizing organizational & ring form phase structure, Strengthen bond phase,grain boundary composition design.
YNG151CPhysics weather deposit (PVD) coating, high toughness ceramal matrix.
YD101Fine particle hardness phase WC and bond phase Co.
YD201Middle particle hardness phase WC and bond phase Co.

1,groove cutting tool, grooving and turning insertsYBG302 ZPGS0402-MG
2,parting inserts, carbide cnc parting and grooving tools, grooving and turning insertsYBG302 ZPGS0402-MG
3,cemented carbide inserts for cutting tools,cnc turning inserts,YD201 VNMG160404-PM
4,YD201 VNMG160404-PM,cnc carbide cutting tools, carbide indexable turning milling inserts
5,groove cutting tools,cnc carbide grooving tools,grooving inserts YBG302 ZTGD0404-MG
6,CCMT tungsten carbide tipped turning tool,tungsten carbide inserts for turning tools
7,CCMT tungsten carbide cermet cnc inserts for metal lathe cutting tools
8,ceramic turning inserts,cnc tnmg turning inserts YBC351 TNMG160404-DM
carbide indexable tnmg turning inserts YBC251 TNMG220408-DM
9,cemented carbide brazed tips
10,tungsten carbide cnc indexable insert for cnc machine
11,tungsten carbide cnc insert, CVD/PVD cnc insert,cnc cutter inserts
12,YG8 A320 cemented carbide brazed tips for making and periphery turning tools
13,YG8 k20 cemented carbide A325 tips for brazing
14,YG8 k20 cemented carbide brazed tips A330
15,YG8 cemented carbide brazed tips C306 for making parting tools and grooving tools
16,YW2 M20 tungsten carbide A320 tips for brazing
17,non-standard tungsten carbide welding inserts for customized available
18,Walter iso indexable carbide turning inserts CCGT/CCMT
19,Iscar tungsten carbide cnc carbide inserts/cemented carbide inserts for cutting tools
20,Iscar tungsten carbide CNC index carbide inserts coated with cvd/pcd
21,Kennametal tungsten carbide indexable insert for cnc machine
22,CCMT cemented carbide and cermet inserts for metal lathe cutting tools
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