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Carbide cutting blade tips

Dec 20, 2017

Carbide cutting blade tips

Carbide cutting inserts have become commonly used in modern industry equipment, the user can according to the specific use and cutting environment, choose different grades of carbide cutting blades. However, hard alloy cutting blade in the use of fire should pay attention to sharp and sensitive edge, so saw blade movement, installation and removal process, you must be careful to protect the alloy head from damage. Second, users should periodically check for debris on the carbide cutting insert and use the largest flange possible to make the blade run smoother and start cutting after it is all right.

Carbide cutting inserts should be used to avoid corrosive solvents, and if the blade is not used for a long time, should be cleaned sharpening, oil for rust treatment, placed in the original carton and then properly placed. For more details, you can follow:http://www.masseschina.com/

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