Tungsten Cemented Carbide Lathe Inserts

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Tungsten Cemented Carbide Lathe Inserts

Carbide Lathe Inserts with high quality and cheapest price

Model No.: APMT1135 

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Die cavity milling:

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Sante

Material: Carbide

Type: Convex Mill

Coating: TiAIN

Overall Length: 11mm

width: 6.35mm

Packaging Details: plastic box /carton

Usage: With our stable quality, timely delivery, best cost performance, and perfect after-sale service, our products can be used in following fields: carbide inserts, carbide cutters, indexable end mill, round carbide inserts, tungsten carbide inserts, end mill cutter, indexable carbide inserts, end mill bits, carbide tool inserts, carbide drill bits, insert carbide, cnmg insert, carbide burr, carbide blanks, carbide milling inserts, ccmt insert, wood cutting tools, tile cutting tools, cutting tool inserts, tcmt insert, carbide cutters for metal, cnc cutting tools, foam cutting tools, cutting tools, carbide insert tools, insert tool, carbide lathe cutting tools, carbide boring bar, threaded inserts etc.

Specifications :

1.high stability, long life 

2.low wear, low friction 

3.various types 

4.competitive price

Processing machine: vertical machining center

Processing material: Die steel

Hardness: HB180

Processing for: Mold cavity

Blade: FMR01-040-XP32-RC12-03

Cutting parameter: V = 180 m/min, fz=0.35mm/z, ap= 4mm



Inner hole size & Shape

Ack angle



Ø2.75 One end has a circular arc


Performance: Compare with company A, after 100 minutes processing, the abrasion of our blade is eventually. And it can keep working. But the blade from company A has serious abrasion. So our abrasion resistance will be the better.



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